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Formula for Ads that really work

Peek behind the curtain of successful stores’ ad accounts and see examples of ads that get clicks (for cheap!)
Once you know the key ingredients, creating an ad that really works is easier than you think.

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Learn how to make your potential buyers stop scrolling and start clicking!

Hi, I’m Susan Bradley.

I’m an eCommerce store owner, just like you.
Over the years I’ve created millions of dollars in revenue for my companies by selling our products online.

I know that almost every eCommerce store owner needs to learn how to create compelling ads that attract buyers before they can really scale their sales.

Most of the store owners I work with have a great product and a website that is ready to sell, but they struggled to creating ads that work for their business.

That’s why I created my new guide, Simple Ads for Store Owners, so that you can learn how to create an ad that stops people from scrolling the feed and gets them to click.

Inside, you’ll get my 5 rules for creating effective ads, plus you’ll see real life examples of ads that are driving qualified traffic to my clients' websites for pennies a click.

This guide will help you transform your ads from duds to winners—you’ll be clear on the work you need to do, and you’ll feel like you’re on the right track.

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